Boge 80


BOGE manufactures a complete range of lubricated and oil free screw and piston compressors from 1 to 450 HP.

Compressed air is considered the fourth utility and you can find the BOGE product in most industry sectors including, but not limited to, pharmaceutical, food, plastics, steel and wood working.

BOGE now has over 100 years of knowledge, experience and engineering expertise to provide you with the perfect quality compressor formula!  BOGE is one of the oldest German compressor manufacturers and is still a family run business, not in its fourth generation, with the great-grandson of the founder, Otto Boge and Managing Director of the Company.


The C and CL Series from BOGE provides a small and quiet screw compressor ideally suited to the smaller industrial compressor user.

The CL Series is noted for its low noise levels which are achieved by using lamellar graphite castings which result in sound pressure levels as low as 59 db(A).


When the award winning S Series range of BOGE screw compressors was launched 17 years ago it provided a revolutionary design concept.  In essence it ensures a high level of compressed air efficiency and reliability.

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