Applied Compression Systems offers a single source solution for all your air & gas compression requirements.

The company has a strong focus on custom designed and fabricated compressor packages for specialized applications in the oil, gas, petrochemical, alternative fuel, waste-to-energy, research, power generation, mining and manufacturing industries.

Our core products include:

  • Natural gas compressor packages
  • Mixed gas compressor packages
  • Process gas compressor packages
  • Fuel gas booster compressors
  • Syngas compressors
  • Vapor recovery units
  • CNG fueling compressors
  • Instrument air compressor packages
  • Explosion proof air compressor sets
  • Engine starting air compressor packages
  • Medium and high pressure air compressors
  • Nitrogen generator packages
  • Oxygen generator packages
  • Industrial air compressors and accessories

Applied Compression Systems is an independently owned company enabling us to respond quickly to specialized customer requirements and to offer shorter lead times.

Maintaining tightly controlled overhead costs and utilizing specialized out-source partners, allows us to pass significant savings on to our customers, lowering overall costs while maintaining quality and meeting promised deliveries.

We can supply either standard units or design and fabricate equipment that is custom-built to your specific requirements from concept to completion.


Engineering and procurement departments worldwide recognize the benefits of purchasing fully packaged compression systems from a company with two generations of compressor packaging experience. Benefits that include:

Reduced Construction Costs: Our shop costs are generally much lower than those of field construction.

Single Source Responsibility: From concept to completion, we provide design, fabrication, and testing.

Guaranteed Component Capability: One source for all the major components, ensuring component compatibility and process functionality throughout the entire system.

Reduced Lead Times: Many of the packages that we offer have been pre-designed for quick turnarounds.

Flexible Design: Our flexible modular design allows us to quickly and economically plan and fabricate a compressor package to meet individual customer specifications and industry specific applications.


Application Experience: We have been involved in the design and fabrication of specialized compressor packages since 1977. Regardless of your application, we will likely have the needed experience.

Product Selection: We offer a complete range of compressor types and brands allowing us to select and recommend the best unit for your application.

CAD Design: We utilize a Computer Aided Design (CAD) system, so we can provide you with a detailed look at your compressor package before it’s manufactured.

Detailed Parts & Operating Manuals: Each compressor package manufactured by us comes with a set of in-depth parts and operating manuals so you can clearly understand the operation and maintenance requirements of the equipment.

Quality Control Documentation: On completion, you are provided with detailed quality control documentation including material test reports (MTR’S), hydro-test reports, x-ray certificates, welder qualifications, weld mapping, ASME U1A forms, etc; ensuring safe equipment operation for years to come.

Recommended Spare Parts Lists: Once the package is completed, we provide a detailed recommendation on which spare parts should be maintained in stock at the plant.

Testing: Whenever possible each compressor package undergoes a complete mechanical run test and detailed inspection process prior to shipping.