Applied Compression can assist you in designing a vapor recovery unit as an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to venting or flaring waste gas, thereby ensuring compliance with government regulations.

Our experience ranges from smaller single tank applications to multiple tank high volume units.

Discharge pressure range from 5 PSIG to as high as 5000 PSIG. Standard packages are available using lobe type low-pressure blowers or rotary and reciprocating compressors.

These packages are available with a locally mounted and pre-wired control panel or with the end devices wired to a junction box for control by a main plant PLC.

Also available are variable speed drive control systems that evenly match gas compression volumes to vapor production rates. In periods of low demand, the VFD reduces the gas flow rate by reducing the drive speed. This reduction in drive speed saves power and trims operating costs.

    .Vapor Recovery Compressor and Blower Packages


    Vector 5800 Series: Rotary Vane Gas Compressor Packages

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