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PET bottle blowing generally requires compressed air at pressures ranging from 300 to 600 PSIG.

Applied Compression Systems designs and fabricates a wide range of medium pressure air compressor and booster packages designed specifically for these PET blow molding applications.

Our compressor packages are assembled here in North America ensuring compliance with local code requirements including UL, CSA, ASME and OSHA.

When standard plant air pressures of 100 – 125 PSIG are available, a booster compressor is often the most cost-effective solutions.

These boosters simply connect into your existing air distribution piping and increase pressure to the required higher level.  Pressures of 580 PSIG are attainable.  Because these booster compressors start with an already elevated pressure they require less horsepower to achieve the higher pressure.

These boosters can be supplied with high-efficiency filtration systems and are ideal for PET bottle blowing applications in which a lubricated compressor with filtration can be used.

If your budget is limited, our sister company, Canadian Purcell Machinery Ltd., offers reconditioned PET bottle blowing compressors and boosters.  Visit www.usedcompressors.ca

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