Methane from landfill gas is one of the contributing factors to global warming and at the same time a potential source of clean and sustainable energy. Landfill gas is generated during the bacterial decomposition of organic materials in municipal solid waste landfills and is generally composed of approximately 50-70% methane and 30-40% carbon dioxide as well as hydrogen, nitrogen, water vapor, and hydrogen sulfide.

Landfill gas can be used for a variety of applications including:

Applied Compression Systems offers a full range of landfill gas compressor packages and blowers utilizing reciprocating, rotary screw, and rotary vane compressors. Materials used are selected specifically for the corrosive nature of landfill gas and include stainless steel piping, vessels, and coolers.

These compressor packages are available as a simple skid-mounted unit or housed in a weatherproof enclosure or walk-in style building for cold climate locations.

  Landfill Gas Compressor and Blower Packages


    Vector 5400 Series: Regenerative Gas Blower Packages


    Vector 5500 Series: Side-Channel Gas Blower Packages


    Vector 5700 Series: Centrifugal Gas Blowers


  Vector 5800 Series: Rotary Vane Gas Compressor Packages


    Vector 6200 Series: Single Stage Electric Motor Driven Rotary Screw Gas Compressor Packages


    Vector 6400 Series:  Two Stage Electric Motor Driven Rotary Screw Gas Compressor Packages


  Vector 7800 Series: Oil-Free Gas Compressor Packages







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