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When you need to boost the fuel supply pressure to your gas turbine, natural gas generator or other gas-fueled equipment, look to Applied Compression for a complete range of products including both rotary and reciprocating compressors. Applied Compression offers compressor packages from 5 to 750 horsepower using either rotary or reciprocating compressors Our modular design allows us to quickly select and match components that will provide the best economics for your application. These packages are available with a locally mounted and pre-wired control panel or with the end devices wired to a junction box for control by a main plant PLC. Each motor/compressor combination is available as a simple skid-mounted unit or housed in a weather-proof enclosure or walk-in style building.


     Fuel Gas booster Compressor and Blower Packages


     Vector 5400 Series: Regenerative Gas Blower Packages


     Vector 5500 Series: Side-Channel Gas Blower Packages


     Vector 5700 Series: Centrifugal Gas Blowers



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