Applied Compression designs and manufactures a complete range of medium and high pressure cold-start and black-start air compressor packages designed for outstanding performance and long term economy.

By storing compressed air at pressures of 250 – 1000 PSIG and then reducing the pressure at the air starter, the size of the air receiver tank is greatly reduced. This is particularly critical in packaged generator and gas compressor sets, as well as marine applications where the availability of floor space is limited.

Our modular design makes it possible for us to find the optimal solution for each specific case, both from a technical and economical point of view.

Standard packages are available in both simplex and duplex configurations. Prime movers include electric motors, gasoline or diesel engines, hydraulic motors, and power take-offs.

Each package is tested under load to make sure it leaves our plant in perfect operating condition. Our starting air compressors are designed to give more air per horsepower, with minimum maintenance and to operate quietly and reliably year in and year out.

Engine Starting Air Compressor Packages


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